Frequently Asked ELT Questions

Electronic Lien and Title in Nevada has many elements that may be challenging at times for vehicle lienholders to fully grasp. The following questions and answers include general questions lienholders often have about the electronic lien and title system in Nevada. It should help clarify the basic procedures and concepts of our Nevada ELT electronic lien and title program. After reading through our Nevada Electronic Lien and Title FAQs, should you still have questions, please call 1 (888) 675-7477 or write to us.

*Please note that these questions and answers have been created with the assistance of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and represent Nevada ELT's understanding of the way the Nevada DMV intends for the Nevada Electronic Lien and Title system to function. They are provided as a general guide but should not be relied on as a substitute for your counsel. Please consult with the website and attorney to clarify any outstanding questions or queries and to check for updated policies. You can rely on the Nevada ELT system always being up-to-date and fully 100% compliant with Nevada DMV ELT rules.

If you are named as the lienholder on a Nevada title you need to register and use the Nevada electronic lien and title service. Likewise, if you currently have a license from the Nevada Department of Financial Institutions and you are engaged in the business of placing vehicle liens, you need to register. Register with us for electronic lien and title service online and comply with DMV mandates.

Soon after you register for a Nevada electronic lien and title account with Nevada ELT, we'll email you a (Nevada ELT DMV Registration Form) to sign and mail back to us. This form is required by the DMV and allows a unique ELT Identification number to be assigned to you. The ELT ID number is used when placing a lien in Nevada.

USA ELT, the providers of the Nevada ELT service, are very well suited and capable of providing outstanding service for Nevada electronic liens and titles and relied upon by thousands of lienholders throughout the United States. We have been working with lienholders since 2003 and have been a certified provider for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles since 2016.
We have industry leading software developers that make the system(s) you use reliable, easy and efficient, the friendliest and most knowledgeable support staff, and strong management that work to continuously enhance service offerings that help you comply with state regulations and focus on your business.

The Nevada ELT system is the safest and most secure way to store your liens and titles electronically in the state of Nevada. Many lienholders have expressed concern and doubt as to whether or not the system is secure and reliable enough to hold such sensitive data. Nevada ELT secures access and modifications to your account in many ways and has several controls in place to ensure that lien information is stored securely. Never share your user ID and password with anyone. If you need to add additional users, please go through the proper steps in the Settings > Add Users section of the system.

Nevada ELT is a certified provider of electronic lien and title service for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Lienholders can rest assured that data is being held in strictest accordance with Nevada DMV regulations and the highest and best security and programming practices are used, including routine, secure data backups.

We also provide electronic lien and title service in California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia under the business name USA ELT. Read about USA ELT for all ELT electronic lien and title states. When you register for service with Nevada ELT you have the option to choose to also manage California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia electronic liens and titles.